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Q: USB2AX: What's that and why would I need one?

R: All is explained here :-)

Q: Servos: which ones are compatible with the USB2AX?

R: See here!

Q: USB2Dynamixel: how does it compare to the USB2AX?


Q: Dynamixel SDK: how do I use it with the USB2AX?


Q: How to power the servos?


Q: How open is the project?

R: Nearly as open as can be! You can get the sources for the firmware, the Eagle Files for the PCB, the Bill of Material, and all possible information on the project. The license used allow you to do nearly anything as long as you give proper credit. Software is similar to a BSD (open a source file for details), hardware is OSHW 1.0 and documentation is CC-BY-SA-3.0.
I learned a lot thanks to other's people Open Source projects, so this is my little contribution :-).

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